Mailoji FAQ

What is a Mailoji?

A Mailoji is just a normal email address like the one you have now. However, instead of your email address ending with @gmail or @yahoo, a mailoji email address ends with an emoji.

Mailojis can be connected to any existing email address, so when somebody sends an email to your Mailoji address, it gets forwarded to you.

How do I get a Mailoji?

Search for the Mailoji you'd like on this website then add it to your cart. Checkout using our secure Stripe payment system, then connect it up to your email address.

How are Mailojis scored for rarity?

Every emoji email address has a rareness rating encoded into it that will never change. The rareness ratings below are ranked from most common to rarest.

- Common
- Rare
- Ultra Rare
- Extremely Rare

The rarest emoji email addresses are short (usually 1 character), or have a handle that is associated with its emoji, e.g. rocket@🚀.kz

How are Mailojis traded?

Mailojis can be traded with anyone by turning them into a gift. Visit your account page, and click "Manage" next to the Mailoji you'd like to trade.

In the Manage page, click "Create Gift". A unique link will be generated along with a unique 4 digit code that can be used by another user to claim the emoji email address.

Once the gift has been claimed, you will no longer be charged your yearly monthly subscription. The recipient will have to add their card details to keep renewing the Mailoji further.

How much is an emoji email address?

Emoji email addresseses start from $9.99/year. Rarer emoji email addresses have an additional fee:

- +$0.00
- +$20.00
- +$40.00
- +$90.00

How do I receive email sent to my Mailoji?

To receive email, go to your account page to see your list of purchased Mailojis. Click "Manage" next to the Mailoji you'd like to connect.

Enter the email address you'd like to connect to your Mailoji and press the connect button. Now you can tell people your Mailoji, and any email sent to it will be forwarded to your inbox.

How do I send email from my Mailoji?

Currently you are not able to send email directly from your Mailoji. However, this feature is coming soon.

To reply to any email sent to your Mailoji, copy and paste the email sender name at the top of the email to reply to.

What email clients support emoji email addresses?

All email clients support receiving email from emoji email addresses.

Sending emails to emoji email addresses is supported by Gmail on desktop and iOS mail. Although this covers almost 80% of total email client users, we are working hard to get more email clients on board with sending to emoji email addresses.

What can I do with a Mailoji?

You can use your Mailoji for anything you'd use a normal email address for. You can put it on your social media accounts, use it as a support email on your website (like we've done), use it on your CV, put it on a business card. The possibilities are endless.

What can't I do with a Mailoji?

Currently you are unable to send email directly from your Mailoji.

Mailojis are very new, so some website forms or email clients may not accept emoji email addresses.

Emails with attachments sent to Mailojis will not be forwarded.

Why is there so many .kz extensions?

Only 13 top level domains support the emoji domain names used for creating emoji email addresses, including .kz. We will be adding further extensions in the future.

How is my data processed?

No emails sent to a Mailoji are stored. We never read your emails or share your data with any third-party companies. Email sent to emoji email addresses are simply forwarded onto your email address.

How do I cancel my Mailoji?

To cancel your Mailoji, go to your account page to see your list of purchased Mailojis. Click "Manage" next to the Mailoji you'd like to cancel.

On the management page, click the "Toggle Renew" button to stop your Mailoji from being renewed.

Help! I have more questions.

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