Emoji Email Addresses

Choose from more than 300 emojis.
Get a next-gen email address.

Only $9.99/year.

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Hello HandsomeπŸ‘‹

You deserve an email address that looks as good as you do 😘

Let's face it..

Email addresses look a bit.. ehhh.


What if Email Addresses could be..

Exciting! 🎊


(Looking good Melvin πŸ‘Œ)

πŸ’Œ Introducing Mailoji

A Mailoji is an emoji email address.
You can get one here and choose from over 250 different emojis.

Why get a Mailoji?

Stand out online

Use it on your twitter, your website contact email, why not on your CV?

Stand out offline

Use it on a billboard, or a van, or a blimp. Images are a lot easier to remember.

Tell people who you are

You're not a @gmail, you're a @🦸.

What can you do with a Mailoji?

Connect it to your existing email

Forward email from your Mailoji to any other email address. Use your existing inbox!

Send email

Coming soon. Currently you reply to emails sent to your Mailoji with your regular email address.

Coming Soon

Find your perfect email address.